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Advice on 2nd Offence in 10 yrs - Manchester

Good Evening,

Hope you're well and thanks for providing such an informative service. I came across this site as my disqualification of 36 months (DR30) is due to end in less than a week. I've noticed there is quite a bit of information in this area as there are differing circumstances and it would seem the court treats individual cases accordingly.

When I was convicted (8th July 2014), the court advised that I could apply to have my license back early if I attended the DD Awareness course. It had taken into account the fact that I was a full time Carer to my disabled daughter and accepted that when I received my previous ban (DR10 24th August 2007 when I just scraped above the legal limit) I was advised by a police officer that I could ask to provide a blood sample instead. Hence my (foolish) decision to refuse the breathaliser test (thinking I would be offered a blood test). It was only at the hearing in 2014 that it was explained to me, that was only the case as my previous reading was so low.

Either way, when the time came for me to receive invitation to DD Awareness Course, I didn't hear anything. I contacted the court who said that invitation had been sent to an old address on file and that I had infact missed the deadline. On hearing this I was advised I could write to the court and ask for a reduction, explaining my circumstances. I enquired about the notes on my case file to establish whether a recommendation had been made for me to attend a medical prior to me being able to renew and as such was advised that it was indeed not a requirement of the court on my file and that I should be able to reapply as normal.

Having contacted the DVLA this afternoon, I've been told that I will in fact be invited to attend a medical and that I will have to pay to do this. I explained the details of my previous communication with the court and was advised to get back in contact with the court and to provide proof if this is infact the case.
What would you advise? Seems it's an absolute minefield and had I have known, I would've started the ball rolling months ago.

Thank you in advance for your help...


Given that you were convicted of a second offence within 10 years you would be automatically classified as a 'high risk offender' by the DVLA. The Court would always result in the DVLA requiring you to be medically assessed for fitness to drive. The court would never make that requirement. The DVLA would ordinarily write to you to notify you of the process at least 56 days in advance of your ban expiring. If your licence details are registered at an old address then it could be that the DVLA have written to you at that address.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this and you will have to comply with the medical process if you want to get your licence back. Your licence has now also been revoked as a result of the length of the ban meaning that if you drive before you have complied with the medical process you could be charged with driving otherwise than in accordance with a driving licence which carries between 3 and 6 penalty points. As frustrating as your situation is I would advice complying with the DVLA requirements.
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