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Advice Needed!!


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I was at a friends party which i had only been there an hour or so and had one drink. (Drink not poured out myself, one of my friends did this). As i was leaving i noticed my car was in a Residential only zone and needed to move my car to avoid a ticket in the morning. Me being stupid thinking i was fine after just one drink when to pull out and crashed into a stationary car about 10 metres away from me. The police were not called but turned up due to anonymous caller after i sorted details with other person.
I did a breathilizer and was taken to the station.
My reading was 65 on breath and i did not give blood. i am now being charged with Drink driving and wondered if there is anything i need to do before i appear in court in a month.
I have only been driving 6 months and am 18.


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Also just to add to this - it is my first ever offence with the police and i was very cooperative as the police complimented.
Due to being charged with drink driving, you will need to attend court. If you are found guilty of the offence, you would be looking to receive a band C fine – low level community order and disqualification from driving for between 17 – 22 months. The fine/community order element of the penalty will be reduced by 1/3 if you plead guilty at court at the first opportunity. In terms of specific preparation, this is difficult to advise you on without having full knowledge of your case.

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