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I was convicted of a DR10 October 10th 2014. I crashed my car into 4 parked cars. I had to be cut out of the car and later in hospital my blood reading was 235 so I got into the "high risk" category.

I committed the offence in April 2014 but I was not sent to court until October 2014 where i was convicted 24 months and fined and 100+ hours community service. I got a 6 month reduction for attending a rehabiliation course.

At court the CPS recommended to the judge that because i had no prior convictions and had never been in trouble with the police; the cps advised that I receive a custodial sentence to set an example to others"! but luckily i didn't.

I received my licence back in May2016 after taking a medical(with blood test) and each year since the DVLA has sent me a renewal letter for my licence for a further 12 months.

My licence officially expired last month and the DVLA have written to me just over a week ago to attend a medical appointment.

Since my accident I have stopped drinking after I realised i had a problem so I am not worried about the alcohol in my blood.

The letter advises me that I have 6 weeks to arrange an appointment for a medical and I am really worried. I have not drunk a drop for years, but I am a habitual cannabis user for the last probably 2 years and I pretty much smoke every day.

I'm really worried because surely the cannabis misuse will show in my blood. Will this then mean the DVLA refuse my licence? I don't drink anymore and the offence was drink related? will the cannabis in my blood mean I am in trouble? I really cannot lose my licence again.

Has anyone got any advise on this? surely almost 5 years after the conviction I should get some freedom?
Misuse of alcohol or drugs as may be the issue in your case is considered at any stage by the DVLA. Whilst you are undergoing medical examination/blood testing the DVLA are entitled to test for any alcohol or drug that they feel may have an impact on your fitness to drive. If the decision is that you have misused drugs then your licence will be revoked. The length of time since the original conviction is no longer relevant as you have been identified as a high risk offender and thereafter identified as requiring review. If your licence is revoked then it may be that the evidence the DVLA has considered does not justify the resultant revocation and you have the opportunity to appeal to the magistrates' court. You should contact a solicitor at that stage.
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