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I'm currently waiting for my blood results to come back after being arrested for drink driving 2 weeks ago. I've searched my policy and no where does it state I have to inform them of this so far. I'm looking to SORN my car and I was wondering If I cancel my insurance policy before my court date, would I have to answer 'yes' to 'have you had a policy cancelled, refused or void' in the future?

Another question is that I understand that NCB is valid for 2 years if you don't drive, would anyone know if that 2 year validation starts from the day I cancel, or would it backdate to when I renewed my policy back in April? Meaning as it stands, if I get more than an 18 month ban, then I can kiss goodbye to my NCB too.

I know I'm jumping the gun, I haven't even been sentenced and I'm already thinking about getting my license back. But I literally cannot stop thinking about how stupid I've been, and everyday or even every hour I think of another obstacle. I've come to realise that the punishment for drink driving continues long after what the magistrates decide to do with you.

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Question 1, re you cancelling your insurance...
This is probably the best thing to do. You are free to cancel your policy at any time, for any reason. When you do cancel it, ask for an email or a letter confirming your no claims bonus. This will not include the current year, because you have cancelled part way through and only full years count.

question 2. Re your policy when you drive again....
You are right that most insurance companies want to see proof of no claims from within the last 2 years. That is why you should obtain the proof when you cancel which will validate Irma for 2 years from then.

When you go to court, you should be offered the opportunity of attending a Drink Drive Rehabilitation course that gives you up to 25% reduction in your ban. (If you are not offered it, ask if you can be allowed to attend, before the end of the court case as it cannot be offered afterwards. That would mean that even with a 30 month ban, after the reduction you would still be within the 2 year no claims time.