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7 months since dui, heard nothing but realised address on license is old address

I couldn't figure out how to edit my last post. So I've created this one, with updated info...

June 4th I was pulled for drink driving, I blew 1.5 times over the limit. They couldn't get a proper reading so they took blood from me. I remember them taking my prints, asking loads of questions but I don't remember specific ones.

I spent the night in the cells & the next day I was told once the bloods come back I would receive a postal charge through the post, with a summons, that could take anywhere up to 7/8 months as the labs are slow - I can't actually remember specific details.

Anyway, it's been 7 months, do I chase it up? Especially given that I've just noticed my driving license has my old address on it? Would they have asked me my address? Suuuurely they would & I would never lie.

I'm worrying now that a summons has been sent to my old address & I'll have a warrant out for my arrest. Who do I contact to find out?

Thanks so much.
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