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6 months to get to court


Hi Martin,
I'm due in court on drink driving charge (51) breath test (111) blood.
Am pleading guilty,but not sure if it's worth getting a solicitor.
Was thinking of having one,as it will be 6 months from the time of offence to the actual court date,and was hoping they might reduce the ban due to the length of time waiting!
Or is that wishful thinking?

Martin Hammond

Good morning.

Unfortunately the amount of time it took to get to Court will have very little bearing on sentence.

At the breath reading you have a solicitor wont make a massive amount of difference to sentence but would help, and also it is nice having someone talking for on your behalf. Of course you have to weigh this up against the financial cost of a lawyer.

Best of luck


I think I will get a solicitor,heard it will cost around £400 to £500. Is this about right Martin?

The ban for this reading seems to be around 12 months,will they offer the driving course as it's my first offence?