6.9ug THC, drug driving.

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Hi, I wonder if you can help?

on new years eve, i had been visiting people and they were smoking cannabis, I stayed for a little while, had a coffee & someone handed me a plate of biscuits so naturally as a builder I took one, I left soon after as I had to work the next day... I got pulled over on the way home, (just because I have a nice car i think) the police officer was alone and in an unmarked vehicle, he gave no reason for stopping me & said he could smell cannabis but i didn't have any on me, he swabbed me and after 10-15 minutes it came back positive for cannabis, it was a very slight patch on the idicator...
He arrested me and took blood at the station, it came back 6.9ug per litre of blood... i am going court soon, have been worried sick ever since that night as I have a family to look after.
I have just found out one of my so called friends had put rso oil on the biscuits... a cannabis oil or extract i'm not really sure what it is or how strong it is, i don't know how to approach the plea now with this new information.
If i were able to get him to come with me to court and admit what he did would it help me in anyway?

I would never drive if I felt stoned.
I've always had a clean licence.
My life is about to be ruined becasue of a trace amount of cannabis, which I didn't even know i had consumed at the time!


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Good morning,

Thank you for your enquiry. I appreciate this is a difficult time for you.

Would it be helpful if I arrange for one of my team to give you a call to discuss your case in full over the telephone as there are a number of points which I think we need to expand upon? Please let me know a suitable time for us to give you a call?

Hello, thanks for your response, I am availabe to speak anytime. I can take a break if I'm at work.
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