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2nd Time - :-(


New member
Advice needed. I had a drink drive ban 4 years ago. Last weekend I took my daughter to a horse riding (after a heavy session the night before). The weather conditions were wet and I skidded, clipped a wing mirror from another car and when I broke (into a nearby lay by so I could stop and inspect the damage, give my details), I collided with a small wall (causing some minimal damage). I was breathalyzed and was over the limit and taken to the police station at approx 2pm.

I got myself into such a state that I agreed to a blood test as I was hyperventilating and couldn't get a reading.

I was banned for 24 months before with a 25% reduction through a DD course.

My question is, what am I looking at now, will they send me to prison, take my children from me? Awaiting blood results, but at midnight just before they released me I still blew 40 and I know the legal limit is 35.

The circumstances are very similar to that of my previous conviction. i.e. night before, lots to drink. Clearly my body doesn't metabolize alcohol the same as everyone else?

I literally cant sleep. I have a professional job, I have my daughter full time (ex partner isn't allowed to see her)

Trying to keep it all together but feel like my world is falling apart.
Given that your previous conviction is within the last 10 years, you will face a mandatory minimum 36 month ban on this occasion. It is also less likely that a further course will be offered. The result of the blood analysis would have to be 276mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood or above (equivalent to 120µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath) before a prison sentence is considered. Unfortunately you will need to wait until you receive you blood results before any more specific advice about sentence can be provided. If you would like to discuss this in any more detail at this time you can contact one of our advisers on 0333 200 9843 for some further peace of mind.