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2nd time in 5yr blew 82

Last night I got pulled over and blew an 82, it's my third time in total, second in 5yr my first ban was in 2004, my second time was in 2013 I blew a 68 and got a 3yr ban with course but didn't make it to the course in the end. I'm just worried about what I'll get this time, what do you think I'm looking at? I've had problems with alcohol which I thought was under control but I just let it get out of hand recently and am now seeking help with alcohol addiction.

Thanks in advance.
You will be looking at a ban of 36 months or more, I have seen people on a course in your situation and they have had 42-60 months.
You may well also get a Community order with a park of that being the Drink Impaired Drivers Scheme Course. This is compulsory, runs for about 30 hours and looks at you addressing your problems through Drink. This is different to the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course which is voluntary but the only one that reduces your ban by up to 25%. You didn’t do it before, if the magistrates do not offer it (they can offer you this course even if they send you to the DIDS course) then make sure you ask before the court appearance ends because you cannot be offered it afterwards.
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