2nd offence

Got caught on Sunday drink driving and only traveled according to my van tracker 353 yards.
I blew 114.
I have been done for drink driving 4 and a half years ago. So this is my second offence within 10 years.
Anybody know my likely outcome in court? Obviously worried about custodial sentence so got solicitor involved and character references from my boss and other people. I’m the main income provider for me and my Mrs and 2 children.
Just wanted to no my likely outcome.
You will have a minimum ban of 3 years, but for a reading of 114 you can expect more than that, perhaps 42-48 months. You are also likely to get a community penalty as well.
You can reduce the ban by up to 25% if you are offered and complete a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course. Make sure that your solicitor asks for a course if the magistrates do not offer it as it has to be offered and accepted on the day, it cannot be offered retrospectively.
Thanks for reply. Obviously as my second offence I’m worried regarding custodial sentence. But solicitor has said that due to nothing on criminal record, full time working, kept job (luckily as I’m an electrician) also cause I’ve been gp regarding drink issues I should get a good telling off and the above as u mentioned. Does that sound normal?

Also on my charge form it says charged with drinking and driving over the above limit. So I’m presuming I did nothing else wrong and it was a tip off or might of been swerving on road.

That is the only charge you are likely to face. What the solicitor says is normal, they take your previous history - good and bad - into account when deciding on your sentence.
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