2nd drink drive offence

Got caught last Sunday drink driving and on my charge form the next day it states charged with driving over the leagal limit and that I blew 114. It is my second offence and I am very worried regarding custodial sentence. My last conviction of drink driving was 4 years ago. My charge form only says charges with drink driving and doesn’t state anything else so I’m presuming if I had done speeding or done anything else it would state on there?
What is my likely outcome in court?
I am main provider for my family and if I get a prison sentence I then would loose my job and house where my family live. I have character references from my boss. Very worried at the moment.
A reading of 114µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath would not ordinarily result in a prison sentence being imposed as the threshold for that consideration starts at 120µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. However, the recent conviction for an offence of the same type will aggravate any penalty and may mean that the court wish to consider if custody is appropriate. If they feel you meet that threshold then that is by no means a certainty that a prison sentence will be actively imposed. It is very important to speak with a specialist as soon as possible to consider what mitigation may be advanced on your behalf.
Thanks for reply. I have already been to gp to talk about drinking issues. Also luckily my boss knows the situation and is keeping me on aslong as I don’t get a custodial sentence. I will loose Mrs, house and everything if prison sentence is given. Do they try to give people suspended sentences if they look a text the prison route?
I no I’ve made a very silly mistake and I’m now going to get my drinking dealt with professionally.
Obviously main concern is prison.
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