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1st offence but involved in accident with material damage covered by insurance


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Hello i had an accident on 10 th of January on a community road between villages and i end it up in a bush wall and i scratched a car wich was parked over there so no injuryes no victims the damage will be covered by the insurance , the owner of the wall call the police straight away so i was waiting there for the police so they toke me in at the station so my breath test was 75 so more than double over limit i had an interview after two weeks with the police because when i was arrested the officers didn t turned up so i have to come voluntary for an interview later on i plea quilty at the interview i explained what happend and now i am waiting for a court date i am worried because i a got a month now since that happend and i didn t hear nothing
i am a nurse so i will have good character reference at the court , remorse and is my first offence ever i am not british so i got an european driving license i don t know what is gonna happend next they will send it back to my own country ? which is Romania and is in European Union do i need to change my european driving license to an UK one untill i will got the court date ?
I do really need an solicitor to reprezent me at the court ? what he can do for me if i plea quilty and i will plea quilty at the court ?
I will have criminal record in my own country as well or is just in UK ?
Can i get suspended Prison for this offence ?
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The police have six months from the date of the incident to issue a charge so you may be waiting for some time yet before you are charged. Unfortunately you will have to wait to hear further. You are entitled to drive in the UK using your Romanian licence and will not need to change that before you go to court.

A reading of 75µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, if convicted, will lead to a ban of between 17 and 22 months alongside a ban or community order.

You can attend court without being represented but I would advise at least speaking to a solicitor to obtain advice regarding options for representations. The criminal record will only be relevant in the UK and you will not be at risk of prison.