I was arrested on November 28th and convicted on January 9th. I pled guilty to a charge of " operating while visibility impaired" which is what Michigan calls it when you blow less than a .08 but I reality I blew a .16. I was wanting to start looking for a new job very soon, probably April after I finish all my community service and other probation stuff but I am a cdl holder andv I want to make sure that this won't come back and bite me years later. Here are my questions:
1. Michigan is not part of the drivers license compact but how often does Texas check the national drivers registry? Only when I go in for license renewal?
2. Will Texas even pull my license if and when they find out since I was given the plea deal mentioned above?
3. My license is good till March 2020, is it possible to get my case sealed before then to avoid any repercussions from Texas?
4. If it's sealed but already on the NDR, will it come off the NDR?
5. According to the NDR website, convicting states have 31 days to report to the NDR. Can it still go on there after that time or am I free and clear if it's not on there yet? I'm planning on submitting a request for a copy of my ndr in about a month to be on the safe side.