So I got chraged with a DUI, i was so drunk when I was pulled over I don't even remember refusing the breath test. But as soon as I refused they suspended my license for 6 months. I just got off the phone with a lady from the DMV, and she said the license is suspended until January 12th. But then I looked at the south carolina minimum sentence for 1st dui and it's ($400 Fine, 6 months license suspension, 2 days minimum in jail). So I called her up and asked will the 6 months license suspension start when i'm charged or will an extra 6 months be added on to the 6 months suspension I already have. And she said an extra 6 months might be added on.

I'm freaking out, I can't be without a drivers license for 1 year, I plan on moving in feburary, if that's the case I need to find the most expensive lawyer I can, I don't care if I get in debt. I have no problem paying a fine, spending a few days in jail, doing community service, and pleading guilty, but a 1 year license suspension, no can do. I hate where I live, I need to move, I want to move and get my own place, get a dog, get a girlfriend. I'm enrolled in rehab right now, i'm trying to get on the right path, but 1 year is too long.

Does anyone know the answer to this, those who were convicted and received suspensions were those added on to the suspesion you got when you were initially pulled over?