So I'm just going to speak freely here please don't judge me I have changed my lifestyle and gotten help for my addiction.

Here we go so a friend and I got some Heroin and a few Xanax pills. We ate them Xanax and looked for a place to use the other stuff. I was driving at this point. We went to a fast food restaurant and into the bathroom. My friend went in first and came out. When I went in I sort of overdosed and a worker came in and saw me. I was breathing and everything just not awake. The next thing I remember is waking up in my friends car in the driver's seat with the ac on high (I never use the ac BTW) it was hot very hot that day. I've been told that the worker pulled me outside and a good Samaritan saw me and apparently asked me if this was my car I was laying by. I must have nodded or said yes he picked me up and put me in the front seat and turned the car on with the keys he found in my pocket. Put my seat back and called the cops and took off. (I have no memory of this at all) I wake up (sort of) to the police opening up my door and pulling me out. And making me do field sobriety test which I failed I'm sure. From there we went to the police station most of which I do not remember and was sleeping. Then they took me to the hospital where they drew blood. The police left. Leaveing me no ticket or anything. Just a card with where they towed my friends vehicle. (which we got the next morning) they didn't find any drugs on me just some paraphernalia. The hospital let me go as soon as the police left. This was in June 10 2017 its now Sept 23 haven't heard anything except the dmv is revoking my license I guess got that letter yesterday. Do you think the state has a case against me being I didnt get in the car to drive it myself but rather was placed into the car by someone else and they also started the car. And it wasn't my car. And I never told the police I was driving at all. Any advice would be great thanks for reading.