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Thread: RE-Applying after 12 month ban

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    Default RE-Applying after 12 month ban


    I got my form about a week ago to re-apply for my license. I was caught drink driving about this time last year and blew 45 then 43 and consequently got a 12 month ban and a 450 fine (ive recently come to find out if i had taken a blood test then i probably would have passed) anyway thats in the past and ive moved on. (been driving about a year and a half at this point)

    So in the form "D27P" there is a section about my conduct. I dont know if i have to fill this out because it says for Lorry and minibus drivers in bold. There is little information in the booklet they sent me about this section.

    I got very little information from the court as i recall as to what happens when i have to re-apply. Things like do i need to take the test again, if so is it extended, do i need to do a practical exam again, did i get any points, what my "offence code" was etc. All i know is they took my license and handed me a fine i still cant afford.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also if i contacted the court or went to the court (its quite close to where i live) would they be able to provide exact information about my conviction?
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    Default Re: RE-Applying after 12 month ban

    For some reason it wont let me edit, but here is some futher information i just found on some of the court documents i recieved regarding my disqualification.

    Interim disqualification is crossed out
    disqualification period of 12 months began on Jun 29th 2011
    disqualified until passes test crossed out
    notes: if your disqualification is less than 56 days etc section crossed out
    If your disqualification is for a period of 56 days or over, your license wuill be sent to the DVLA Swansea. It has automatically expired upon disqualification and will not be returned to you unless you obtain an application form from the post office and send it to swansea with the appropriate fee, which you should do about a month before your disqualification expires.

    If you are disqualified for an alcohol related offence, including failing to provide a specimen for analysis, the secretary of state may exercise his power to withold your driving license.

    Am i correct in thinking i dont have to retake my test and when i send the application form back, the DVLA will issue me a full UK driving license provided Justice Greening doesnt say i cant have a license?

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    Default Re: RE-Applying after 12 month ban

    If you were convicted of driving with excess alcohol and received a driving disqualification no penalty points will have been endorsed on your driving licence for this offence.

    More information on re-applying for your driving licence can be found here.

    A leaflet in PDF format issued by the DVLA on how to fill in your driving licence renewal form can be found here.

    A list of driving offence conviction codes can be found here.

    If the sentencing court did not state that you were required to re-take your driving test at the point of sentencing then you will not need to do so.

    If you require any further information about your conviction then I would suggest contacting the court that sentenced you or contacting the DVLA.
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    Default Re: RE-Applying after 12 month ban

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    So if i do not need to retake my test, in the section of the renewal form where it says "test pass" do i need to fill that in and send in my certificate or will they issue me a full license automatically if i am legible?

    Using common sense and the wording on the form it says "If you have passed your driving test since the issue of your last license, please write the category in this box and enclose your test certificate"

    Technically I have passed a driving test since i last applied for a license (my original provisional), but its not clear on what to do if i have been disqualified for a fixed period of time after i obtained my full driving license because i didnt need to apply for it, it was sent to me in the post after i passed my test.

    Sorry for the questions but the leaflet they provided just isnt specific enough.

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