Yes in police report it was drunk in charge of a vehicle as i was stopped at red light and had an argument with a passenger in taxi on next lane and he went to police as he was ore smashed than me so police told me to park and talk we were talking they smell alcohol i told them yes i had 2 beers, thy got reading on road machine went to police station there they didnt get reading. ok so in court judge clearly said - due to my previous clean records and had no fines no points nothin even though i drive 35000 miles a year for a company i work for in company car , had good character references from my clients as well in manchester so i am lucky .
my lawyer did take this point about in charge of a vehicle thing plus he told the judge that you can clearly see the video footage of me trying so hard at station and machine went off after 3 minutes so i cant do anything about that, all 3 judges took 5 minutes break went to discuss and came back and gave me 325pouds fine including court fees and other costs as i accepted guilty in first place and gave me 10 points
but i am happy with 10 points it was just a night i had 2 beers and unlucky to get in to an argument with this guy else i would have saved this 799+vat solicitors fees but i guess cant compalin , its all worth it now , just need to be more careful now than before