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Thread: drunk driving

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    angie is offline New Member
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    Jun 2009

    Default drunk driving

    my boyfriends dad drinks and he also drives with my child in the car i get very fustrated by it considering he thinks its fine coz he could have a couple of drinks around 1 and then drive the car about 6 the same day,im trying 2 convince him its called drink driving and he thinks its alrite 2 drive as long as u only have 1 or 2.whose right i care about my son is it so wrong of me 2 stop him going off with his granddad if he contuines his behavior as i want my son 2 remain alive and well.

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    BT_Boy is offline Member
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    Jun 2010

    Default Re: drunk driving

    With one or two low strength cans your still under the limit,

    however he could be risking it if he is drinking 1 or 2 high strength lagers.

    It won't affect your driving too much but I can understand your concern,
    talk to him and let him know that your gravely concerned about your childs safety.

    (I know for a fact that one or two can sometimes lead to three or four.)

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    Feb 2011

    Default Re: drunk driving

    Regarding to your son is really dangerous with some people under influence of alcohol that's the better way to warning him. Those DRUNK drivers are a major risk on the road. Not only do they put themselves in danger when they choose to drive drunk, but they also put others at risk of serious injury or death, as well. While no one can anticipate when exactly an accident will occur, there are warning signs that drivers can watch for to avoid driving near drunk drivers. Knowing how to detect erratic and potentially dangerous driving behavior could save your life.

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    elenajane is offline New Member
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    Jun 2013

    Default Re: drunk driving

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    If you want to save your child you have to take action against you BF's dad. You can take help from police and take a legal action for him.

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