I have a few questions, and I would like to hear unbiased views on my situation, and I have not yet had a chance to visit with attorneys. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I was charged with dui, and the officer informed me that someone had observed me driving wrecklessly, and followed me until he caught up with me. I knew I would fail any tests(only had 1 beer before I left, then 2 mixed drinks), all on an empty stomach though, so I did not take any tests. But, Im 95% sure that when asked to be given some tests, I asked "and what if I refuse?", to which the officers answer was "turn around and put your hands...". This happened on Wednesday, and it has been 4 years since my last DUI.
1. The person who called the police and followed me, the police have all of their info right? And they could be called to testify if it went to jury, correct?
2. Was declining any tests the right move, and if i didn't technically say that I refuse, would this be a possible loophole for me?
3. Would getting a statement from the bartender saying how much she had served me, and my condition before i left help at all?
4. I have seen many different things about this, but what is the best case scenario if i am convicted? (in other words, if i want to pay the cash for a good attorney, what can he get my charges/suspensions/fines reduced to? If that makes sense...
I know the obvious answer is speak with an attorney, but I just now got a chance to start researching my options, and tomorrow is Sunday, so I was hoping to get some info here first.
Thanks for any help,