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Thread: CDT False positives

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    microwave_colour is offline New Member
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    Default CDT False positives

    Hi everybody. I have experienced an incredibly frustrating few years attempting to get my licence back but I am constantly refused due to continual false positive results in CDT after my medical.

    I am abstinent (Have been for well over a year) and have not misused alcohol for almost three years.

    The DVLA are utterly unhelpful with this, my argument being that they should supply information as to how CDT can be raised other than alcohol.

    Is there anybody else out there with a genuine case such as mine?

    If so can you get in touch as I want to take this further and if there are more of us we could have some strength in numbers.

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    price1367 is offline TTC Group Associate Director
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    Default Re: CDT False positives

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    A have been led to believe that the only things that raise CDT levels are alcohol dependence or a liver disorder that is serious enough that you should probably be hospitalised because it is life threatening.
    However, I have dug a bit deeper and found some articles that I have provided a link to below. It stems from life insurance CDT Tests quite a few years ago, but it lists other ailments that are suspected of raising CDT that includes hepatitis.
    have a read and then perhaps ask your GP if you have, or have signs of, any of these ailments.
    You will not get away with just saying to DVLA “you can’t prove that the raised CDT is because of alcohol so give me my licence back...” the system presumes that elevated CDT is from alcohol abuse, it would be for you to show that it was raised through another, proven, illness.

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