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Thread: What Happens At The Medical...

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    mrjones is offline New Member
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    Default What Happens At The Medical...

    Thought I would add this info for anyone interested in the experience of the medical itself, having completed mine today. The website has been very useful during my preparation for the medical and licensing application etc.

    1. Arrived at referred Doctors surgery and paid the 118.20 for the medical (Doctor was VAT-registered). Remember to take the letter from the DVLA with you along with some ID.
    2. Doctor called me in and gave me a DVLA personal details form to complete. This is page one of the DR1V that is available on the DVLA website.
    3. I was asked to complete a questionnaire of about 10 questions regarding drinking habits which you score from 0-4 depending on the relevance to your situation.
    4. The Doctor than went through pages 2-4 of the DR1V, asking me the questions and noting down my responses.
    5. During this I was also asked if I required glasses for driving, which I don't, and then asked to read one of the lines off an eye chart behing the Doctor's desk.
    6. My peripheral vision was checked by the Doctor making small signals at the extremities and I also had to follow his finger around with my eyes.
    7. I was then asked to remove my shoes and step on the scales to be weighed and also have my height measured.
    8. I was then asked to undress down to my underwear and lie on the bed. The Doctor then conducted a number of dexterity tests, including touching my nose with a finger he prodded while my eyes were closed, rubbing the heel of a foot on the opposing shin bone and telling the Doctor which leg he was touching at a given point and whether he was bending my big toes up or down.
    9. The Doctor then pressed around my stomach area, then asked me to sit up and he listened to my chest both front and back and a blood pressure reading was taken.
    10. I then got dressed again and the Doctor took my blood sample.
    11. The blood and forms went in an envelope and he said they would be sent off today.

    That's it. In total it took around 10-15 minutes. There was no urine test.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    mrjones is offline New Member
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    Feb 2017

    Default Re: What Happens At The Medical...

    ...And for an indication of timescale, I rang the DVLA today, exactly one week from the medical, and was informed my licence had already been sent out, so should receive it in 2-3 days.

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    Feb 2017

    Default Re: What Happens At The Medical...

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    Wow! Congratulations, I hope they have a decision about mine that soon

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