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Thread: Hro medical (your experiences)

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    Default Re: Hro medical (your experiences)

    Quote Originally Posted by price1367 View Post
    They want a urine sample because cannabis use is best detected that way.
    It can show cannabis use during the past 28-35 days so they are checking to see if you were honest about when you last used it.
    I understand that they wish to detect cannabis but why not use my blood test? When you say best detected that way it sounds like they are trying to catch me out!

    This is my issue as I have used cannabis after my original medical but I was honest in my first medical about when I last used it.

    Any idea how they would determine if I passed a Urine drug screening if they have not legal limits?

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    Default Re: Hro medical (your experiences)

    They are trying to catch you out!
    They are assessing your fitness to drive on the road and as a part of that they are testing to see if you use illegal substances.
    cannabis stays detectable in urine for much longer that in blood. Hence the request for urine. In any case, once tested, the laboratory may well have discarded your blood sample.
    i do not have much experience of drug testing outcomes, we deal primarily with alcohol driving offences but if your sample tests positive for cannabis residues then they may well say have another test in 2-3 months and wait for the outcome of that.
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    Default Re: Hro medical (your experiences)

    Like many, I have been frantically scouring sites and in particular people's kind help and advice on here relating to DVLA and getting licences back. By way of an introduction as well, this is my synopsis of the stress:
    1) Date you applied for new licence: Latest applied for when DVLA sent renewal forms back in Feb (DR1 and medical questionnaire). I have been doing these yearly for the last two years and receiving a temporary 1-year licence on a basis of these forms and verbal communication between wife and my GP on my attitude to booze. Original involvement with DVLA was before I even had a chance to speak to my doctor about it so I must have been bad. A nurse took my bloods in response to a complaint of chest pains.

    2) Date when you got the letter to book medical:
    2nd May 2018. It was a surprise TBH. Maybe if I pass this, I get a full 10-year but, since it's only 2 and a half years since I was hauled over the coals by my GP/DVLA, I doubt this as it's less than their 'tick in the box' three years.
    3) Date when you sent letter back to book medical:
    N/A - I phoned up a week later as I was on holiday - elevated boozing, etc. Great to come back to and the source of worry since.
    4) Date of Medical:
    4th June 2018
    5) Date of Results and Outcome:
    Not yet received results but I did an 'aside' when I phoned up the DVLA today to ask whether I needed a covering letter whilst the medical results were being analysed. The blood results were in and on her screen but I got the 'Not medically qualified' guff. They were waiting for the questionnaire that probably got sent by snail mail. I was told to call back next week to check on progress. In a way, I was quite optimistic by this as she said I didn't need the covering letter - just the one that told me to make a medical appointment would do and 'Her Majesty's Finest' could enquire on the back of that if I got pulled over. She could have said, if the blood result was 3.0%, that I was not to drive (or consulted one of her colleagues who could tell me). That would have save them a first class stamp - which they seem to do when something is urgent to them rather than us.

    Also Please state:

    1) Period of abstinence prior to actual medical Date:
    32 days (ruined by a glass of cava due to Harry and Meghan on the 19th)
    2) Drinking habits prior to abstinence period:
    Mainly weekends (Fri - Sun) - 3-4 Beers / day. Occasional bottle of wine with missus anytime (1-2 times/month) and after work (once a fortnight) for a couple of beers. Used to be a lot worse (1-2 bottles wine / day) - GGT was over 800. Abstained for 2 years prove a point but missed the beer and hated being asked whether I was an alcoholic all the time.

    I hope everyone breaks free of these
    draconian and drawn-out processes for good !! I'll post updates when I get them. Hopefully good news eventually. Thanks again for the inspiration to keep me going. It's very stressful at the best of times.

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    Jun 2018

    Default Re: Hro medical (your experiences)

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    Unrestricted licence got reinstated 7 days after DVLA medical. I don't know CDT results but i was drinking more than enough to make me very very nervous and the DVLA medical was very clinical and didn't give any scope for explanation. The lesson learnt from the last three years is never to challenge one's GP. If they say "Don't Drive", bow down, and acknowledge (follow is up to you) the instruction quietly. I didn't and they got the DVLA involved involved, without following the rules of actually talking to me first of intentions, or family and I still don't have the written notification that should have been provided at the time (BMA). They went through the motions with me, pills. scans, specialist referral which, you go along with, when you are trying to get your doctor to agree that you can drive again. All the time, you are quietly screaming that it's simply a silly mistake and that I 'drank too much'. Doctor agreed within a month with many apologies along the way (over-zealous mistake??)........ DVLA within two and a half years.

    Living with the potential that the DVLA can review and measure your life has been very unsettling and there seemed to be nothing I could do about it. However, it helps immensely to read the comments and experiences here and so, I hope, this text does so too. Is this the only circumstance where you can be punished for not actually doing anything wrong ?

    It makes me worried to go and see my GP now in case they trigger the whole chain of events again if I say the wrong thing.


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