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Thread: The DVLA Medical test, CDT and an individual case study

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    Apr 2017

    Default Re: Medical in two weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by white43 View Post
    None for milk thistle. This may help your liver, but has no bearing on the CDT biomarker. As for iron, there's some evidence that being deficient in iron may cause false positives. Iron overload may make the CDT biomarker less sensitive.

    "We investigated whether body ironinfluenced CDT serum levels by studying alcohol abusers
    with or without iron overload and nonabusers with iron
    deficiency or iron overload caused by genetic hemochroma-
    tosis (GH). In alcohol abusers, CDT was significantly lower
    in the presence of iron overload than in the absence(24.6 ⴞ
    16.5 U/L vs. 33.3 ⴞ 11.7 U/L; P F .01), with false-negative
    results almost exclusively in patients with iron overload.

    Research paper: Carbohydrate‐deficient transferrin, a sensitive marker of chronic alcohol abuse, is highly influenced by body iron. Available from: [accessed Apr 3, 2017]."
    Many thanks I am on high dosage vitamin B tablets due to deficiency, and was also told to take Iron tablets. Reading other posts I am not trying to cheat and have stopped drinking, just off on holiday next week - never mind will save some money not drinking.

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    white43 is offline Member
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    Feb 2016

    Default Re: The DVLA Medical test, CDT and an individual case study

    Hi All.

    Another update - and another year on. I think I had the forms in March.

    So after 2 x 1 year licenses - because each time I had had a medical detox in the previous three years - (Medical detox in 2014, so in 2016 and 2017, I had to answer yes)

    Here in 2018, February, I am MORE than three years on from that medical detox.

    The same medical forms came through and now, I could say NO to everything.

    Despite me saying NO to everything - DVLA insisted they had to contact my GP again and after what seemed a very long time, they have issued me with a new license....

    ...For five years. (actually on checking, it's for 4 years, 9 months???)

    I'm pretty disappointed as I assumed I'd be issued a ten year license, or at least an 8 year license which would be the remainder of a ten year license, having had two already.

    Perhaps this is because I was a HRO? Perhaps this is because I've had a detox in the past? Who knows what the internal workings of DVLA are and what criteria they have. Perhaps when I get to 2023 and reapply once again, I'll get my ten year license. I will be very annoyed if they're still asking for medical information at that stage - some nine years later.

    Anyway, hope this is useful to someone.

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    Default Re: The DVLA Medical test, CDT and an individual case study

    You may well find that what t,hey issued you with is a licence until your photo runs out. Remember you can drive until you are 70 after passing your test (and after that, subject to medical scrutiny) but your photo licence only runs for 10 years at a time because of the need to update your photo.
    If you had submitted a new photo with your application then I think you would have received the full 10 year licence.

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    white43 is offline Member
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    Feb 2016

    Default Re: The DVLA Medical test, CDT and an individual case study

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    Good point.

    As I recall now, I think I may have received a new license in 2014 or somewhere there around. Ten years from then could equate to 2023.

    Thanks for the info mate.

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