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View Poll Results: What do you think should be implemented to deter and curtail drinking and driving?

65. You may not vote on this poll
  • Alcohol information included as part of driving test (units, how long it stays in system for etc)?

    17 26.15%
  • Harsher sentences for first time offenders?

    5 7.69%
  • In car breathylzers?

    11 16.92%
  • Mandatory prison sentences?

    3 4.62%
  • Lifetime ban for repeat offenders?

    6 9.23%
  • A zero drink drive limit?

    15 23.08%
  • Other (please discuss)

    8 12.31%
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Thread: What do you think should be implemented to deter and curtail drinking and driving? (Poll)

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    ashleygreen is offline Member
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    Aug 2013

    Default Re: What do you think should be implemented to deter and curtail drinking and driving

    Law made for Drink drive offense should be very strict then only drunk driven should be controlled or minimized...

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    JPFMP is offline Member
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    Feb 2014

    Default Re: What do you think should be implemented to deter and curtail drinking and driving

    Quote Originally Posted by cjmh2004 View Post
    stopping young drivers driving cars over 1398cc. Know a boy who just bought a 2.2 litre civic and got shafted doing 53 in a 30 zone (his fault) but way too many daft drivers out there with big powerful boy racer cars trying to act smart and then wonder why they get stopped more than the rest of us - i dont know any stats on this but would be interesting if they were collated
    That may have worked a few years back

    But look the Polo GTi, it is only a 1.4 but has 180bhp and a simple £300 remap can take this to around 220bhp
    It needs to be power output not engine size

    I believe the only option in regards to drink driving is to implement a zero tolerance, that way there is no confusion over I've only had one beer and there are no excuses!

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    simples is offline Member
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    Aug 2016

    Default Re: What do you think should be implemented to deter and curtail drinking and driving

    Zero drink limit, it's the only and cheapest way to do it. That way you'll think about what your drinking on a Sunday afternoon

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    RoughShift is offline Member
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    Oct 2017

    Default Re: What do you think should be implemented to deter and curtail drinking and driving


    I disagree with harsher penalties for 1st time offenders as many of us have made these mistakes while young & dumb, we are all very different people in our 30s compared to our late teens/early 20s when we were invincible & immune from the law lol But maybe a mandatory driving & theory test re-sit, along with the medical for any1 caught drunk driving (no matter 1st time or 2nd/3rd). As a HRO Iím going through application now that includes the medical etc & it really does hammer it home how precious your licence is, & you wouldnít wanna have to go thru all that again.

    Maybe lifetime bans.. but only for people who show total disrespect for the laws of the road & have been banned a silly number of times. I think even people who have had 4-5bans deserve a very final chance to prove to the courts that they can change their behaviour for good. And it should be made extremely clear to them that one more serious road traffic offence & they are done for good. Wonder what the record is in the UK for the most driving bans? Iíd think if you had more than 4 or 5 itíd be best to call it a day.

    I think the best solution you listed was a ďzeroĒ
    limit for alcohol, that way there can be no confusion & no half assed excuses about being unawares what was allowed. If your behind the wheel then you donít drink! Not a sip.. & if you follow that then you will have no problems (Iím certainly going to follow this rule if Iím successful in my application) This could go along with some kind of breathalyser in-car, although Iím only really in favour of that when they can say the tech behind it is 99% reliable. Iív always heard never to fully trust these breathalyers you can buy, that only the big F off one they have the cop shops give them proper readings. If they canít be trusted fully then why even bother.

    So Yeh, so I think mandatory driving/theory test re-sits & medical instead of prison/financial penalties would deter more people. People are shocked I donít need to resit my test after being caught drug driving, but I remind them, itís not my driving ability being questioned, itís my judgment of when I could drive they are wanting to correct, &
    TBH rightly so (For e.g chancing it while under influence)That why dangerous driving nearly always involves a re-sit, as you have shown some dodgy or risky driving while sober & need to prove your ability again

    Your licence is hard to get.. but real easy to
    lose. I for one will never jeopardise it again

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    bignik is offline Member
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    Aug 2018

    Default Re: What do you think should be implemented to deter and curtail drinking and driving

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    Hi, I sincerely think, In car breathylzers/Ignition Interlocks because I believe the percentage of drunk drivers are sole occupants of the car and be it a fall out with the wife or whatever well basically one simply cannot drive. As well as a persons ability to drive being affected I think any sense of rational thinking is also out the window.

    Should the driver have passengers and knowingly allowed that person to drink they too should be punished because they shouldn't have allowed driver to drive. Some may argue but what if they were sober and not aware the driver had been drinking well you don't need to be a policeman to smell alcohol. It should perhaps not be as serious a charge as for the driver. But covers all aspects, the genuine one offs, the day afters and the deliberate alcoholics.

    At where the piece of equipment and how accurate it would be well different story.

    Zero Tolerance mm too dangerous regarding readings for example mouth wash, look up mouth wash and I believe some are as high as 26% ABV, yep your supposed to spit it out but who knows there does have to be some tolerance.

    Scottish drivers will know the effect with the change of the law here to I think 22mg/100 in comparison to 35 south of the border, thats basically a half pint or just over 1 unit of alcohol and we treat that here as basically zero tolerance and does make sense.

    A good hard slap on the face to bring driver to rational thinking before he drives will do it

    Those here there or around the limit have honestly been able to control and decide where to draw the line, people in the 100mg bracket I say went for a drink knowing they were going to drive their car later, and well if one is honest with their self deserve what's coming.

    Sadly many have been involved in fatal RTA or serious accidents so that has to be addressed, and that can only be done by education and support by health professionals. Some think oh I haven't been stopped before I will be fine. Technology and equipment in Traffic Cars are very up to date, cameras etc etc everyone should try and give up that idea of being beyond the law.

    I have a conviction and I'm ashamed, it destroyed my life, whilst I feel OK I did it, I put my hands up, a no nonsense court appearance I think today what if .... that pedestrian stepped of the pavement, totally their fault and me wrong place wrong time feeling driving was ok , well I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. Prevention is certainly the answer.

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