Hi guys, interesting reads on all these threads.
Iím after some advice and help please.
Got banned October 2016, blew 101, got 20 months reduced to 15 on completion of awareness course.
Booked medical on jan 12th 2018 for jan 16th, letter came day before saying Iíd booked outside of 6 week window.
Reapplied for licence and rebooked medical for 8th Feb. Had medical completed questionnaires etc on the Thursday, called DVLA on the Tuesday said medical wasnít carried out to DVLA standards so had to have another one.
Had another medical on Feb 20th(Tuesday) spoke to DVLA on Friday 23rd and they said theyíd sent letter to my gp for further info( how could they send letter 2 days after my blood test etc) would they have had them back 2 days later? Got them to fax my doctor and now 10 days later still waiting for my doc to fill out forms and fax back. Should I be worried?
I didnít drink for 51 days prior to medical (7weeks) had 4 pints on New Yearís Eve but before that hadnít had a drink since October? After my accident I havnt really drank at all, always eaten healthy and worked out etc?
Why would they need to contact my gp? Only ever seen him once after my accident and he gave me pills for stress and anxiety(business was failing, just had an accident etc) hadnít been to doctors for roughly 10 years before that so not worried about anything about alchohol dependency, wondered if anybody else had experienced the hold ups Iíve had? My ban ended on Jan 25th 2018.
Getting inpatient as have a 20 grand job dependant on getting my licence back.
How long do you think itíll take for them to make decision after docs have been faxed back to them?
Sorry for long thread guys..