Houston is a national hotbed of DWI convictions. Texas Department of Transportation noted a massive total of 66,319 cases in 2015 at Houston alone. In this highly complex scenario, top legal firms often drive unexpected judgments.

Last year, an astounding total of more than 66 thousand DWI cases were reported in Houston by the authorities. A local citizen would easily surmise a few thousand more in unaccounted cases! This is a very serious scenario as almost 200 cases were fatal injuries. The alarming frequency of drunk driving in Houston has raised serious concerns among legal professionals across the state.

The legal service is headed by an experienced lawyer. Attorney Paull is well-known in the bar association and in the national legal circuit. He serves as the secretary in the criminal law section of Houston Bar Association besides being a member of other prestigious legal bodies. The 1997 Law School Graduate is also a NHSTA certified Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Expert.