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Thread: Caught Drink Driving in Holland

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    Blade67 is offline New Member
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    Jun 2015

    Default Caught Drink Driving in Holland

    Hi, I was recently caught drink driving in Holland whilst on holiday - yes, very stupid.
    Fortunately (?), I was only fined (500 euro's), no ban, no court, no license revoked or points on the license.
    I was just wondering if this affects my insurance in the UK, and do I need to inform the insurance company ?
    Any advice welcome, thanks.

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    price1367 is offline TTC Group Associate Director
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    Oct 2012
    Telford, Shropshire

    Default Re: Caught Drink Driving in Holland

    You should inform your insurance company of "all material facts" for them to assess the risk that you pose.
    In this case, however, I think it is stretching things a bit far to expect you to disclose this conviction when it is abroad, and carried no points or a ban. There is no reciprocal arrangements with Holland so the conviction would not be reported to the UK.

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    Blade67 is offline New Member
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    Jun 2015

    Default Re: Caught Drink Driving in Holland

    Many thanks for that, was worried that my insurance would be invalid if I didn't report the fine to them, but if you say there is no sharing of info between Holland and the UK, and no points or a ban, I'll leave it for now.

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