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Thread: New Road Safety Consultation

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    Default New Road Safety Consultation

    Proposals laid out in the new road safety consultation could see radical changes in the way drink driving laws are enforced and the way offenders are dealt with once convicted.

    Police forces in England and Wales have already been funded to purchase new roadside screening breathalyser devices, capable of collecting and storing data about every breath test carried out. The devices will record the age and gender of the driver, the day, date and time of the test, the reason for the test and the test result. For the first time ever, the Government will gather statistics on drivers who are below the legal drink drive limit and their involvement in accidents.

    The statistics gathered by these new breathalyser devices can be used to decide on whether lowering the current prescribed drink driving limit of 80mg to that of 50mg would actually see a significant decrease of death's, injuries and accidents due to drink driving.

    The proposals include:
    1. The introduction of evidential roadside breath tests. Experts are currently developing the design specification of mobile evidential devices. These devices are expected to be in use in 2010.

    2. Eliminating the option of providing an alternative specimen of blood or urine that is given to motorists when their breath readings are between 40 and 50mg. Often drivers who are over the limit when breathalysed fall below the limit while waiting for a qualified health professional to arrive and take a blood sample.

    3. The requirement that drink drivers caught with high BAC's and ALL repeat offenders are to retake their driving tests.

    4. The mandatory requirement of all offenders who receive a driving ban of two years or more retake their driving tests.

    5. Offenders who are imprisoned for a drink driving related offence do not use up their disqualification while in prison.

    6. A review of all drink driving rehabilitation course providers with new guidance on course content.
    The current drink driving limit will be kept under review and any change to the limit in the future must be based on adequate evidence that driving above a new limit is indeed dangerous and linked to a significant number of casualties. All new evidence will be reviewed before finalising the road safety strategy beyond 2010.

    The Government will continue its strategy of enforcing heavy penalties for those who drink and drive combined with high-profile advertising and policing.
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