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Thread: Help with a letter from police

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    Default Help with a letter from police

    Hi am looking for advise with a letter I have recieved from the police asking me to provide details of driver to a vehicle they believe me to have information about. It has failed to stop at an accident that I do not know about. I have the car and am insured on the car but it is not registered to me. There was no log book with the car and I have not applied for one as it was only purchased to sell. If I do not reply to the letter it states they will give me 6 penalty points.
    Any advise is much appreciated, thanks in advance
    Adam Sandland

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    Default Re: Help with a letter from police

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    The first port of call is to check the date of the incident and what date you purchased the vehicle. If you were not in possession of the vehicle at the time then you can write back to the police explaining this fact and advising that you cannot assist them any further.

    However if you were in ownership of the vehicle at this time then the onus is on you to make investigations and find out who would have been driving the vehicle at the time. Although you are not the registered keeper of the vehicle, I imagine the previous owner has nominated you as the driver as you have purchased it. This would explain why the notice has been sent through to you.

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