Hi. Two years ago I had a sezuire and was subsequently banned from driving for 1 year. After numerous delays (GP errors) I got my licence back after nearly 2 years. This extended limbo didn't do my life and mental health any favours. One month after regaining my licence I was requested to have a full medical by the dvla. Urine (for drugs I assume) and Blood (for carbohydrate deficient transferrin, I assume). My CDT level was 3.3%. This acording to the dvla make me an alcoholic and they have once again revoked my licence. I would argue that this result is not typical since the test has coincided with a period of non-typical drinking (stag doos, BBQs, 2 holidays etc)

I have the option to appeal to the courts. How best to do this? Currently I envisage getting an independent CDT Test which shows <1%CDT. Where and how much would this cost?

How to make my chances of success more likely?