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Thread: Drug Driving

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    Default Drug Driving

    Hello, I live in the southend on sea area, yesterday i was arrested for drug driving under the influence of cannabis, I had smoked a joint with two other friends, 2 hours before my blood was tested, I have a blood sample to be sent off and I have no idea where to send it/How I'm going to pay for private testing. I have no idea where to start. thanks.

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    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    It is not compulsory for you to have your own specimen tested although it may be of assistance if you are looking to challenge the analysis of the police specimen. There are a number of independent laboratories that analyse specimens of this type. You should have been given a list at the police station but if not I would recommend using a search engine to search for 'drug driving testing'. We cannot specifically recommend one laboratory over another but we can advise that the cost of having your specimen analysed will be several hundred pounds. You need to ensure that any independent analysis is fit for the purpose of section 5A Road Traffic Act 1988. Some laboratories may do a simple screening process for less money but this will have no evidential value if you wish to rely upon it later on in any contested court proceedings. The best place to start is to obtain a few quotes once you have searched for appropriate laboratories.

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