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Thread: Stopped by the police saturday night and blew 78

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    Default Stopped by the police saturday night and blew 78

    Hi stupidly I got behind the wheel of my car Saturday night got stopped by the police and blew 78 at the station spent the night in the cells and was charged with drink driving. I also have a hgv licence is there any thing that I can do or say that could reduce my ban from driving as I did have a clean licence and I have a Mrs and 2 children depending on me to keep a roof over there heads.
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    Default Re: Stopped by the police saturday night and blew 78

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    A reading of 78 g of alcohol per 100ml of breath puts you in the second of 4 sentencing brackets for this offence. Unfortunately, this means that you will face a disqualification of between 17 and 22 months. As well as this you will face either a fine or a community order. You are given credit for entering a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and that will be applied to the part of the penalty that considers a fine or a community order. Given that you have no previous convictions and stand to lose a lot as a result of any ban, the court can consider this when imposing any penalty however they would always be bound by the guidelines and have no alternative but to impose a minimum 12 month ban. It is unlikely to be any less than 17 months in your case given the reading produced. Carefully prepared mitigation and representations made on your behalf can sometimes be the difference between a penalty at the high end of the bracket and one at the lower end. You should contact a specialist to discuss this further and get an idea of what options might be open to you.