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Thread: Criminal Offence Charge

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    Default Criminal Offence Charge

    I was pulled over on my birthday (15/12/1990) on my way to the airport in the early hours. I had been out with friends celebrating the night before with dinner and drinks was home by 11 and up the next day at 3am. I was pulled over because I was the only car on the road, was a random test, I blew over and was taken to the station. I officially blew 41. The officers were very nice as they could tell I was not drunk and they knew I had to get to the airport or I would miss my flight and rushed me through then let me drive my car away once I was finished being booked in. They breathalysed me at my car 45mins later and I blew a 26 so he happily let me drive away... made my flight by the skin of my teeth.

    The real issue for me is that I'm a forensic scientist and a criminal charge will be very bad for my career. I have a squeaky clean record with full points before this incident. I work for a private company in the U.K. So my current job should be safe but my whole family live in Australia and I was looking to move back next year with experience under my belt to get a job working for the police (that's always been the plan as the jobs are highly sought after here) in Aus however, with a criminal charge I will not be able to come back as it will be on my record for 10 years!

    I came to Aus for the Christmas period and have not had a chance to speak to an English solicitor yet and my court case is the day I get back! I have spoken to my moms Australian solicitor who told me that in Aus, because of my current occupation, they could mitigate the charges to not give me the offence but I will have points and a fine. He said that they do it all the time for doctors lawyers etc. Can this be done in the UK?

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    Default Re: Criminal Offence Charge

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    If you're charged with drink driving then the only way of avoiding a conviction is if you were able to successfully defend the charge and were acquitted (i.e you were found not guilty by the court). If found guilty you would have a criminal conviction and there would be no way of avoiding it.

    You would have to consult an Australian immigration lawyer for advice about how this affects your intended return to Australia.

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