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Thread: VDRS - Poss Ban Coming Up

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    Default VDRS - Poss Ban Coming Up

    Upcoming court appearence end of August. Expecting ban after driving with 77 reading.

    Iím insured Ďtill the end of the month.

    Part of the incident was reversing into a wall causing damage to drivers side rear breaklight.

    Need to keep driving until then, but iíve only done a temporary repair.

    If I get a VDRS (14 days to rectify as I understand). Could I just put the vehicle as SORN (as I plan to do) and let all parties involved know.

    Or is it likely that iíll still have the VDRS to deal with within the 14 days and therefore receive a fine and possibly points if I dont get the form stamped and sent back.

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    Default Re: VDRS - Poss Ban Coming Up

    A VCRS is issued at the discretion of the police and action is treated as discretionary thereafter. The best advice would be to discuss the likelihood of you declaring the vehicle SORN within the 14 day period and he/she may take the view that proof of SORN would suffice as an alternative.

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