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Thread: License Decision Appeal

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    Default License Decision Appeal

    I recently applied for my licence back after a 3 year Ban for drink driving. I agreed at the time I had p[roblem with alcohol and would do something about it. I did a residential, 3 month rehab. I hadn't intended at the time to abstain for ever , started drinking again a while after. Last year I decided wanted to stop driinking for good and thought easier and safer to check in a detox clinic, about 2 weeks. That was 6 months ago not drinking anymore and not going to. Thee problem is I was honest and put this down in application for license , and theIr rule is cant drive for 6 months after attending a detox clinic or programe as they call it.

    The question is , would I get anywhere with an appeal, I need the license for work also

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    Default Re: License Decision Appeal

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    DVLA licencing decisions do not take your personal circumstances into account (i.e. impact on employment and family etc). This sort of decision is based on the public interest and is focussed on safety. The DVLA operate a blanket policy of revocation or refusing licences where there is evidence of misuse or dependency. There is clear medical evidence in your case and the DVLA are aware of this. It will be unlikely that any appeal to the Magistrates' Court would be successful.

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