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Thread: Pettrified and ashamed.

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    Default Pettrified and ashamed.


    I need some advise about what to expect after a charge of DD on Weds 14th March please.

    I was seen pulling out of a pub carpark at approx 11pm. The police were there as I pulled out and so I pulled over of my own accord in a safe place before they flashed their lights etc. I blew 87 on the side of the road. Was taken to the police station where I started having panic attacks and said that I needed my medication of beta blockers as I suffer with severe anxiety, high blood pressure and depression/stress. I have been under immense stress through illness and losing my job which resulted in me making a suicide attempt last June. As a result of the panic attacks I was unable to provide 3 breaths at the station I provided one breath which read 78. I was then given a blood test which has been sent off. The nurse was concerned for my blood pressure. I was later given my beta blocker which helped calm me down. I am a Health care professional, home owner, never been in any trouble before and am 43 years old. I live alone so my income is it. My work have said that they will support me and are willing to write a character reference for me. My GP is also willing to write a letter to back up my recent medical problems. I live near to work so do not need my car for this although I am required to travel to another hospital at various times which is 25 miles from home. I work on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week every 3rd week.

    I expect to lose my licence and am incredibaly remorseful for being such an idiot. Please can you advise me of what I can expect and will any of the information I have given you go in my favour to reduce the ban length? Is it worth me getting a solicitor? How much information can the newspapers disclose?

    Any advise will be greatly received. Kind regards

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    Default Re: Pettrified and ashamed.

    It is difficult to say where you would fall in terms of sentencing guidelines given that the blood specimen may produce a proportionately different result. A reading equivalent to 78g of alcohol per 100ml of breath would put you in a sentencing bracket. This means that you will likely face a ban of between 17 and 22 months together with either a fine or a community order.

    The information you have outlined is helpful in giving the court an insight into your background that could go some way to explaining why this may have happened and also why it is important to minimise your penalty as far as possible. It is always best to have a solicitor where possible.

    A magistrates' court hearing is open to the public and the press and the detail of the outcome is a matter of public record. The chances of the details of an individual case being outlined to the public via the press is limited where the individual is not known to the wider public.

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