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  1. Help and Advice needed
  2. Drink driving charge
  3. Advice needed
  4. Drink driving charge
  5. Drink Driving charge section 5 a
  6. Applying for a bus licence
  7. License Decision Appeal
  8. Caught drink driving blew 50 at the station
  9. Advice Needed
  10. 3rd Drink driving offence in 16 years
  11. Can i go to prison for blowing 47 after being caught driving after a few drinks
  12. Son 18 caught driving a golf buggy over the limit
  13. blow 43! not being asked about blood or urine!
  14. Drink Driving on May 20st
  15. Drunk Driving Offence - Please Help
  16. Gastric Bypass gives higher reading?
  17. wrong amount on very old and spent drink drive offence
  18. Frantic Mum's horrendous mistake
  19. Help drink driving
  20. will i get a ban for blowing 54
  21. Breathalyser test at police station below .40, released without charge.
  22. Insurance cover
  23. Will I get banned, please help
  24. cdt test
  25. Drink driving advice
  26. Driving while over the limit- court appearance on 18/04/2018
  27. Drink driving
  28. Court representation
  29. Do I need a solicitor???
  30. Drink driving advice
  31. Driving ban with a foreign driving license
  32. No insurance and drink driving
  33. Court Date?
  34. Blew 42, but machine playing up and took bloods at hospital.
  35. Pulled over, blew 92mg. Will lose income if I lose licence
  36. Pettrified and ashamed.
  37. Help with financial means and early guilty plea
  38. Drink driving
  39. Crashed at T Junction, Drank a Few Cans Afterwards & Before I was Breathalysed
  40. Student caught over the limit, advice needed!!
  41. EU citizen living in the UK charged for driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol
  42. Confused
  43. drink driving
  44. In court soon desparate for advice
  45. return of driving licence
  46. Early Guilty Plea
  47. Drink Driving Charge
  48. 2nd offence
  49. Can I mitigate my case with the following?
  50. How to defend drink driving charge
  51. Reading of 103 - possibly spiked
  52. Confused
  53. Pulled over and blew 48 roads side & 49 at police station
  54. Appology to court - letter of mitigation
  55. Caught driving whilst disqualified and possible drink driving
  56. 7 months since dui, heard nothing but realised address on license is old address
  57. Charged with failure to provide a specimen for analysis
  58. Still waiting for postal charge after blood taken in June
  59. Done for drink driving on new years day
  60. BAC Calculation breathe only @91 hipflask defense awaiting decision help
  61. Bail without conditions can i go in to jail ?
  62. Arrested for drink driving
  63. drink/drug offence
  64. DVLA Medical Question
  65. fail to provide specimen. blood
  66. Being treated as if I have a drink drive conviction
  67. Help needed about insurance
  68. How long before I get arrested, changed, court etc?
  69. Arrested for drink driving breathalysed at 92 also without insurance on provisional l
  70. Failed breath test (50) blood taken but not arrested
  71. 2nd offence drink driving conviction - mitigating circumstances
  72. Would really like some advice re. special reasons
  73. Possibility of accuracy error in police breathalyzer test
  74. DVLA writing to doctor
  75. Drink driving accident
  76. Brought before the traffic commisioner
  77. Drink Driving
  78. Arrested for drink driving
  79. First offence - Reading of 137- need some guidance
  80. First Offence - Blew 77 - Came off the road
  81. charged with drink driving when pulled over
  82. Applying for a reduction in disqualification period remaining after awareness course
  83. Second drink drive offence
  84. second drink drive offence
  85. Arrested for drink driving
  86. Advice for my Husband (Needs to drive to work)
  87. Failure to provide a specimen
  88. First Offence Breathalised at 84
  89. failure to supply specimen of breath
  90. Boyfriend caught drink driving & driving without insurance
  91. DR20???
  92. Basic (?) case drink driving
  93. Crashed my car at 3am, blood tested at 6am at hospital
  94. Drink Driving and Failing to stop
  95. Drunk Driving and refuse to stop my car
  96. Blew over
  97. Charged with drink driving, blew 122
  98. Stopped by the police saturday night and blew 78
  99. Likliehood of insurer recovering costs (TESCO)
  100. Failure to provide a sample
  101. In charge with excess / previous driving over limit
  102. Charged with drink driving
  103. Bailed to appear at court, fail to provide
  104. re applying for license 11 years after my ban
  105. Applying for my licence
  106. Caught drink driving
  107. Will DBS show length of driving ban?
  108. Mental health and DD offence
  109. DVLA medical for high risk offenders
  110. Blew 45, didnt think two glasses of wine would exceed the limit
  111. DVLA Medical 12 month Licence
  112. Pleading not guilty in hope police don't provide evidence in time?
  113. What to expect
  114. Loss of house and job
  115. Blew 86 after altercation with partner
  116. Advice on mitigation and solicitor
  117. Blood 151
  118. Husband lost control of car and spun out, blew 48
  119. Procedural error
  120. What will show up on my next dbs check?
  121. First Offence- mitigating circumstances
  122. In charge of motor vehicle whist over limit
  123. Do I need a solicitor?
  124. Not provided with a specimen of blood
  125. Stopped on saturday night, blew 83, charged with drink driving
  126. drink driving ban for 3 years and medical due soon which worries me
  127. I was arrested fro drink driving in my home.
  128. Early return of license
  129. Help!!
  130. Blew 44 after crash
  131. Advise please - Court case on 10th July
  132. Appeal for licence after 2 out of 3 year DR10
  133. Charged with Drink Driving
  134. No dea what to do
  135. So many Questions
  136. Drink driving under stress
  137. please help
  138. Can My Fiance Attend His Immigration Interview if Still Serving a Driving Ban??
  139. Caught drink driving, worried about previous caution
  140. Charged with drink driving after few drink with friend
  141. Drink driving trial
  142. drink driving chrge
  143. Appeal Options and Timescales
  144. Advice needed on getting license back early
  145. worried. need advice and a solicitors number
  146. Drink driving
  147. Arrested.
  148. Extremely unusual case please help..
  149. Extremely unusual case please help..
  150. Police station breathalyser
  151. Intoxilyzer 5000en receipt/printout verification
  152. Early Removal of Driving Disqualification
  153. Over limit on the beach
  154. Blood Test Results received
  155. Son was caught drink driving
  156. Blew 73, very nervous and upset
  157. Drink driving offence
  158. International student, stopped and blew 50
  159. Dd, blew 66, precious caution
  160. drink driving
  161. First time offence, only driving 1 year
  162. Disqualified for drink driving in UK. Now in Australia until its over
  163. drink driving offence committed
  164. Missed Drink Awareness Course
  165. 75/79 blown at station .
  166. The Defence of Post Driving Consumption
  167. 1st offence, blew 43, do I need a solicitor if I intend to plead guilty.
  168. 4th ban. Help please
  169. Failure to provide a specimen
  170. Crashed car after few drinks, blew 66 at station
  171. Urgent help!!!!
  172. Worried man
  173. Charged with drink driving after argument with partner
  174. license number change?
  175. Help facing court
  176. DR10 Conviction
  177. Bailed for excess breath alcohol after bad RTA
  178. Criminal Offence Charge
  179. License renewal after relapse
  180. 41 and 43 at police station. Charged with drink driving. Court in 2 days.
  181. drink driving and suffering from Gastritis
  182. Student bar/work contamination?
  183. Admiral sueing client
  184. I have been charged with offence RT88007,what is the chance of not getting a ban?
  185. Help needed got caught drink driving
  186. Drinking Offence minimum sentence
  187. Application for early removal of disqualification
  188. Drink driving offence
  189. First DUI with car crash
  190. Need advice - Blew 69
  191. Police saw me vomiting, blew 64 & 68
  192. Arrested 110mg whilst having Depressive episode
  193. Help!! When is a DR40 spent.
  194. Failing to provide specimen for analysis
  195. Caught drink driving, depressed and suicidal
  196. Charge with drink driving, blew 101
  197. Scared of being caught
  198. Drink Driving and hitting a vehicle on the motorway
  199. failture to provide 2nd time
  200. worried about being charged
  201. Incorrect history with GP
  202. 70 in Breath
  203. Any advice, help
  204. Court coming up, HELP
  205. Independant blood 86mg
  206. Advice Needed Please
  207. Defence for failing to provide a sample?
  208. Drunk in charge of motor vehicle - kept license - what now?
  209. Postponing court date advice
  210. How long from being caught to being summoned to court?
  211. Previous caution and conviction - Job involving schools
  212. Breathalyzed in August, Twice over Limit
  213. Advice please!
  214. Acid reflux caused misreading but was still charged help
  215. Conflicting Advice from Solicitor Confused what to do??
  216. Accident caused by drink driving
  217. Advice Please!!
  218. Mum arrested for drink driving - failure to provide - legal aid options
  219. Drink driving ban
  220. Advice required
  221. Medication and Drinking and Driving
  222. Does a 5 year old Cannabis Caution get mentioned or effect drink driving hearing?
  223. Can a magistrate reduce a charge from drink driving to drunk in charge on court day?
  224. Advice with regard to specimen requests
  225. is it possible to appeal for your license back
  226. Blew 104? What happens next?
  227. likely drink drive court outcome
  228. What is the sentencing likely to be?
  229. Expectations
  230. In need of advice for Daughter charged the morning after with reading of 40
  231. police interview, no comment or talk?
  232. driving while disqualified what can expect please help
  233. driving while disqualified
  234. Drink driving RT88007
  235. Drink driving 2nd offence crash
  236. Solicitor Advice
  237. Help
  238. didn't know the effects....
  239. I had no choice but to drink drive HELP!
  240. Disqualification reduction hearing booked, what key things must I prepare for the day
  241. Blew 36 at the roadside
  242. Drink driving ban appeal in crown court
  243. Backcalculation pending - Was not drunk at the time of the alleged incident.
  244. drink driving accident
  245. Early ban removal
  246. Convicted prior to 2013, but appealed. Appeal overturned in 2014. Why the medical?
  247. job on the line
  248. Son Arrested for Drink Driving
  249. drink driving and leaving scene
  250. Drink Drive Record and Visa