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  1. Second Offence
  2. Traffic Commissioner letter
  3. Charged with drink driving new years day, blew 59
  4. DVLA Medical - CDT results
  6. PNC Marker on Cars
  7. Totally confused
  8. 2nd time in 5yr blew 82
  9. Caught drink driving
  10. Arrested for drink driving
  11. DD conviction 6 years ago and insurance
  12. Recently arrested
  13. Re-applying for liciense in northern ireland
  14. Back on the road - How does it feel?
  15. DVAL Medical - advice please on my situation
  16. Involved in crash, blood taken at hospital
  17. DVLA medical questionnaire - medical history concerns
  18. Failure to provide specimen
  19. Tescos car park
  20. FCA Approved Person Application
  21. D27P
  22. letter to judge
  24. Timescales / Appeals
  25. Failure to provide specimen
  26. Caught driving over the limit 2 days ago
  27. Gaining Employment After Conviction
  28. My life is over... depressed to the ends of it....
  29. Does it get better? Is it all over for me?
  30. Regret and remorse
  31. Just Caught
  32. Help caught with Alcohol
  33. I need help writing the court letter
  34. Expected ban?
  35. Insurance is now coming after me
  36. Do i need attorney and what if I defend myself ?
  37. Employer being made aware of a drink drive charge before conviction.
  38. Dvla medical blood and urine
  39. What will happen?
  40. Magistrates Court on 28/03
  41. Driving hire care before court date...
  42. Banned this year
  43. Will he get banned? worried for kids
  44. Worried....
  45. Want to know what to expect, would be happy to hear an answer.
  46. Will the testing lab news affect people with drink driving convictions?
  47. will I deffo get banned?
  48. The light at the end of the tunnel.
  49. A couple of questions
  50. HRO carrying out practical driving test before medical??
  51. PAST DR10s
  52. one question...
  53. Arrested for drink driving, lost job, then bloods came in under!! Unfair Dismissal?
  54. My time is up!
  55. Drink driving conviction - a few questions
  56. What happens now?
  57. UK driver caught in Ireland
  58. UK licence taken by Spanish court,, yes or no?
  59. The light at the end of the tunnel: key takeaways from my experience
  60. Points?
  61. Selling Car - SORN, Insurance etc
  62. Any advice/what can I expect?
  63. What happens to your licence?
  64. Blew 96, no insurance, first offence
  65. failture to provide 2nd time
  66. CDT Test (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin)
  67. DD Course refferal
  68. Police Station Procedure
  69. Blew .88 advice/help needed
  70. How long from being caught to being summoned to court?
  71. Almot 90 days (89) since sending off my application.
  72. What is the exact process of getting one's licence back after ban?
  73. Case dropped - several police errors
  74. Drunk in charge
  75. Very Worried - Flipped Car
  76. Caught in Northern Ireland in May - Told of prosecution late Sept. Complex story ...
  77. It All Depends On Who Your Judge Is
  78. What is the sentencing likely to be?
  79. Help, DVLA Medical, Do you think I will pass?
  80. 2nd offence - crash
  81. Cdt test
  82. Disqualification Period
  83. Letter of mitigation for drink driving court appearance
  84. Driving whilst disqualified - UNAWARE due to disability.
  85. Help! Handed myself in for Drink Driving
  86. Drink Driving with a EU driving licence
  87. Since my crash I have heard nothing from my Insurance
  88. In Charge of Motor Vehicle with Excess Alcohol
  89. When does the conviction become spent?
  90. Please help
  91. Way over the limit.
  92. Blew 43/41 :-(
  93. Fear I have thrown my life away :(
  94. Advice needed ahead of court appearance tomorrow
  95. Going abroad.
  96. Help :-(
  97. 19 year old son caught drink driving, blew 90
  98. Just checking before I go to see my solicitor
  99. DD offence, here on behalf of my brother
  100. Please help- i got ex Partner Arrested
  101. Breath 64, Urine and blood samples.
  102. Been to court.
  103. What do i do..
  104. Please help
  105. Caught drink driving twice 104 in breath
  106. Mitigation letter?
  107. GP Referral
  108. Is your employer contacted
  109. Stopped blowing 64mg.
  110. Blew 129mg in breath
  111. Dvla medical
  112. got pulled
  113. Please help
  114. What do the DVLA ask for from a GP??
  115. Drink Driving Sentence? Blew 52
  116. Just got caught on Saturday
  117. Help with court procedure
  118. DR10 and IN10
  119. caught at hospital suicidal in the car while drunk
  120. Discrepancy between police reading, court order and mailed documents
  121. Previous convictions...
  122. Early Removal Of Disqualification - My Case
  123. Need help, second DD
  124. Help on what i need to get ready with
  125. Early Removal of Disqualification (section 42) & Medical
  126. Blew 66 driving friends car uninsured. 21 year old. first offence. likely outcome?
  127. Disqualification in the UK of non-UK licence and trip to the US
  128. First offence, serious large accident, failure to provide.
  129. ADVICE PLEASE - DVLA asking for medical with my OWN Doctor ?
  130. I've been stupid, I presume I know what will happen but....advice if possible pls
  131. Can a dr10 endorsment be removed before 10 yrs ?
  132. 5 times over the drink driving limit, Ireland
  133. Think you can beat the system? Think again.
  134. Son caught drink driving again
  135. Help please?
  136. Another Medical Question!
  137. DVLA Medical & General
  138. Feeling trapped and scared
  139. Blew 47 afternoon after the night before
  140. Ban end date?
  141. job interview. Down to earth with a bump :(
  142. Driving licence
  143. Pending interview
  144. Does it get easier?
  145. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  146. Feeling depressed...
  147. First offence, drink/drug driving, blood taken
  148. 18 Month Ban
  149. Caught drink driving, blew 65, what will i get?
  150. Do people with old paper licences have to get a photo-card after a DD ban?
  151. will i go to prison?
  152. Failed to provide specimen in England
  153. DVLA Medical and my timescale
  154. Will i go to prison?
  155. Help- drink driver court on 14th december
  156. Drink driving medical and gallstones medication
  157. What happens from here
  158. dvla medical
  159. Charged for Drink Driving - Duty Solicitor or Private Solicitor for my Court Hearing?
  160. Completing application forms for jobs, with a DD conviction
  161. DVLA Medical - Taking months.
  162. Suspended sentence.. The DD accusal
  163. just 2 months left
  164. Drink drive with health issues
  165. Blew 79 - Court Date Soon - Any Advice?
  166. DD banned but still loads of questions.
  167. What am I looking to get?
  168. Worried!!!!! high reading drink driving offence Scotland
  169. Court today, depressed and no cheese in the house.
  170. Removal of disqualification success rates
  171. Help! Panicked and regretful
  172. 2nd time drink drive charge
  173. scared
  174. drink drive crash....
  175. D/D
  176. Advice needed
  177. DVLA Medical and My GP
  178. 2nd questionnaire to GP after medical!
  179. refused to give specimen *worried*
  180. Court tomorrow
  181. Solicitors
  182. Over the limit - Is there such a thing as mitigating circumstances?
  183. Court case coming up
  184. dvla medical
  185. Was banned for 2 years in August 2012 on a provisional licence
  186. Blood results
  187. Help! Charged with failing to provide a specimen for analysis
  188. NEW Hip Flask Defence April 15
  189. Extended bail?
  190. is there a 6 month time bar to be charged if caught drink driving
  191. App for early removal of ban - my experience (new procedure??)
  192. Signing your bloods over to the police
  193. Help! caught out
  194. Be honest, have faith
  195. Incredibly stupid !!!!!!!!!!
  196. On bail for drink driving
  197. Went to court today
  198. Over the limit. Advice needed :-(
  199. Fulfilling Community Service Sentence?
  200. Its bad but it does get better
  201. Waiting on bloods.
  202. Caught, breathalyzer broken,urine tested, advice needed..
  203. Over the limit and involved in an accident, now not sure what to do...
  204. Will new drug driving laws result in a massive rise in criminal convictions?
  205. Help Trial date :s police procedure wrong and back calculation
  206. Failing to provide a blood sample?
  207. It appears I'm being sent for a medical before I've even been convicted
  208. Are drink driving laws the same for motorcyclists and moped riders?
  209. Can you drive on the day your ban ends?
  210. Need advice on drink driving ASAP
  211. What are rules regarding being caught DD on private land?
  212. DBS / Filtering Offences / DR10 in 2009
  213. Do Newly qualified drivers with a DD conviction have to retake driving tests?
  214. Life after getting your license and life back....
  215. Been caught with 88ml of breath
  216. CRB
  217. can anyone help so low and frightened
  218. Breath test question.
  219. Drunk in charge, how can they prove it?
  220. Caught the morning after, defence in court?
  221. blew 77 refused roadside Breatg test
  222. Over the limit the next morning?
  223. ive been to hell
  224. Spent convictions
  225. Being over the limit the next morning, how many hours should you leave?
  226. Teaching or working with children with a DD record?
  227. Do all drink drivers get locked in a police cell after failing breath test?
  228. Failure to Supply
  229. Advice if possible?
  230. HRO Medical 15 Years Later !!!
  231. blew 41
  232. Assistance - awaiting blood test results
  233. Blew 45 @ Station
  235. Recently collared, blew 45, had my blood taken. What is the course of events now?
  236. Looking for up to date Information on US travel - Confused!
  237. high risk offenders facing a cdt test.please read and dispel all myths……...
  238. Help!
  239. Advice quickly please :(
  240. 5 Pints of Guinness & Breathalysed - My Story
  241. DVLA application after early removal of disqualification?
  242. Dring driving whit out of lisence
  243. Trying to make a difference - your stories needed!
  244. Please help and advise, I cant sleep and scared I could lose my son.
  245. Advice please
  246. van hire
  247. Travelling to the USA with a DD conviction
  248. Enquiry re: ban length after Drink Drive Course.
  249. DVLA Cover Note! Found this on Google....
  250. advice needed plz