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View Poll Results: How do you use alcohol?

17. You may not vote on this poll
  • Im T-total

    0 0%
  • I rarely drink

    4 23.53%
  • I am a social drinker

    4 23.53%
  • I often drink

    4 23.53%
  • I am an alcoholic

    1 5.88%
  • I am a binge drinker

    4 23.53%
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Thread: How do you use alcohol? (Poll)

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    Default How do you use alcohol? (Poll)

    Tell us how you use alcohol if at all and what is your opinion on alcohol use and abuse?
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    Default Re: How do you use alcohol? (Poll)

    Excessive consumption of alcohol harms people both physically and mentally. The price of beverages have risen up, as the demand for it gets stronger. According to a survey, alcohol and other beverages are more profitable in dining places such as restaurants and bars than in stores. Here is the report: Alcohol Spending.

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    Angry Re: How do you use alcohol? (Poll)

    Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes
    I believe alcohol was the root cause to my offending, i have stopped alcohol now but smoke weed and my criminal convictions are now spent.

    i was considered a persistent young offender and was in a child's jail by the time I was 14. I am now 30 i am a decision maker for a well know bank and just want to move forward but the DVLA seem to think they can ignore the fact my convictions are considered spent under the rehabilitions act but insist on enforcing their money spinning processes on us 🖕

    Alcohol ruins lives everone knows this but the government just love the VAT and tax that comes with it so society will only worsen in my opinion plus it's a good depopulation tool 😂

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