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Thread: DR30 Early removal from licence? ?

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    Default DR30 Early removal from licence? ?

    Hi ,

    I received a ban for drink driving in 2005 i was given a DR30, 16 month ban, 250 fine and 43 costs i took the course to reduce ban to 12 months, although i was hammered for years from insurance companies the ban has never really affected me 4 years ago i got a job as a drainage engineer and was able to drive their vans fully insured with no special terms imposed however i have recently lost my job and i am finding it difficult to get another job due to the drink drive as they all want a clean licence. Since my conviction on the 31st of august 2005 i have never so much as had a point on my licence but this DR30 is holding me back. Yes i am aware it was my own stupid fault etc etc but i think 11 years is a long sentence considering i have never had anything else on my licence since and i have been driving the whole time since i had my licence back almost 9 years ago.
    Is there any way a court would consider removing this conviction from my licence early? or am i stuck with it for the remainder?

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    Default Re: DR30 Early removal from licence? ?

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    I'm afraid that the conviction can only be removed from your record once it has become spent. However the date the conviction becomes spent is based on the sentence passed rather than the offence committed. A disqualification is considered spent as soon as the disqualification itself has ended, a fine stays on record for 5 years, a community order for 5 years and a prison sentence (of 6 months or less) lasts for 7 years.

    As such it would seem that your sentence is now likely to be spent under the rehabilitation of offenders Act. However the offence itself will remain on your licence for a period of 11 years.

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