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Thread: Can I apply for my license back early to start work?

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    Default Can I apply for my license back early to start work?

    Hi, I lost my license in sept 08 and received a 36 month ban. the reason for the 36 month ban was because I was pulled over again the night before my court hearing so I actually have a drink driving conviction of 2 counts. I was in a bad way then as I wasn't working and was about to lose my house. I was also given 12 months probation. I quickly found work and housing and was let off probation early (March 09) so I could join the army. I applied and passed all test and completed my application in March of this year. Everything was going well but then the army introduced driver training so I couldn't start until my ban was lifted. I then got laid off from my other job. I have missed numerous army opportunities and am unemployed. Yesterday I completed my alcohol awareness course which reduced my ban by 9 months meaning I will get my license back on December 17th of this year however, the army have said there is a place for me in September or October and as the army is full due to the recession there will not be another opening til May 2011. I have the original letter to the court from probation stating the reason for me being let off early was due to my army ambitions. I also have my pass certificates from the army and from the alcohol awareness course and a letter from the army to the court stating I have been allocated a start date but I cannot start until my ban is lifted. I have also not been in any trouble since and am alcohol free.

    Do I stand any chance of getting a couple more months off my ban?

    Also, how do I go about setting up a hearing myself as I am unemployed I dont think I can afford representation?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,


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    Default Re: Can I apply for my license back early to start work?

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    Courts are not easily persuaded to remove bans early. You should prepare, thoroughly and adduce evidence of everything that you say. Have regard to the statutory crietria for granting these applications, which can be found on our website:

    I would always recommend that anyone applying for the early removal of a ban should get legal representation. I would not recommend that they represent themself.

    If your application is successful you could have your licence returned to you after 2 years of serving the ban. However, you should bear in mind that the Court will be concerned by the fact that you had 2 drink drive offences committed in very close proximity with one another. This could cause prejudice to your application and would need to be addressed very carefully.

    Call us on 08450020736 for a free no obligation discussion.

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